• About Us

Unitol Building Design has been the changing face of the building Industry for over 15 years our consistency with  design, workmanship and outstanding  quality will deliver you a home or investment property that will proudly outstand the test of time delivering superior value for your major investment in the property market.

As one of the leading construction companies in Queensland Unitol has been prominent in expanding the growth of  Central Queensland to satisfy an increasing need for housing in this region.  Currently we have successfully handed the keys to property owners for over 400 homes. These homes range from investment owners, first home owners and family homes providing housing for a continually expanding region.

What we can offer you:

The Investor – Unitol has direct links with advisors that will enable you to develop a strategy to maximise your superannuation fund, minimise you tax and unlock the potential you have in your current equity.

The First Home Buyer – Unitol can step you through the process of purchasing your first home and choosing all the fixtures and fitting to make this a comfortable home.

The Family Home – Unitol has many designs that can be developed to suit your individual needs and can be personalized to suit your block of land and the street scape of the estate.