• Frequently Asked Questions

When will my home be completed ?

Your contract provides you with a guaranteed build time and we will keep you informed of the progress with photos of its development throughout the build. If any delays occur throughout the build we will update you with a document called “Extensions of time” this will advise of any extra time it will take to complete your home.

How will I know my building is being built properly ?

Your home will be inspected by the bank, the local council and a building certifier. The bank will check that the stages we are claiming for payment are completed to standards as set out in your contract. The Council will check that the property is in alignment with all council guidelines. The building certifier inspects the construction to ensure that it complies with the “Building Code of Australia”

Are we allowed to have a 3rd party Inspect of our property ?

We welcome an inspection by any of the inspection companies that are available, this can be organised at the practical completion stage to reassure you your property has been built to the highest specifications.

Can I pick my own Colours ?

We offer a range of quality fixtures and fittings for your home.  Our design team has organised a range of colour schemes for your property. The architect has street scaped and plotted the houses prior to releasing the area for sale, this maintains a pleasant street scape and ensures a standard is maintained throughout the estate.

I am a chef and need an industrial kitchen, can my plan be changed to allow for commercial appliances?

Our design team can make any changes to a standard design or develop a home to suit your individual requirements.